Friday, June 1, 2007

It's Friday, manage next week now! (works on Monday too...)

Too many hours in the office this week? Pissed off you didn't get to the gym this week? Start managing.
  1. Block 1/2 hour on your calendar today to review the past week and plan the next.

  2. If you didn't get the work done this week- think about what derailed you. Either cut it out- or plan time for it next week. Create a strategy to prioritize and stay on top of things going forward.

  3. What boundaries (eg. 8am-5pm) do you want to keep next week? Take the hours outside your target times out of the scheduling mix.

  4. Anything you don't have on your calendar that you want to do? Go to the gym, perhaps? An hour on marketing? Clean out your office? Book it.

  5. Move anything carrying over from this week onto next week's schedule. Think about it-- that time is gone, either reschedule the work, delegate it, or dump it.

  6. Is there anything on your calendar that you aren't going to do at all? Anything that keeps rolling over? Kill it.

  7. Review your schedule. Do you have time blocked for getting the technical work done? Meeting clients? Time-keeping? Reviewing email & vmail? Enough time for what you have to do? Be realistic and schedule appropriately.

  8. If you need to reorganize your days or delay something- do it. Don't give up your gym appointment. Make sure the week you have planned for next week is the best one you can give yourself.

  9. Put a block of time on the calendar for weekly planning and scheduling.

  10. As you go through the week- review what's working and what's not; use that information to change your plans or your process going forward.
Get out of the office "on time" today. Have a peaceful weekend free of the worry of not knowing what surprises will hit you in the face on Monday.  Start spending your time the way you choose.