Thursday, August 30, 2007

New attitude: "What's perfect about that?" aka Kayak Story #3

Wrapping up the kayak thing...after lunch I had to get the car out of the garage and then get the kayaks back on the rack while in the middle of a narrow, busy street. Getting them off was waaaay easier than getting them on. I am eternally grateful for Donald & Steve, the garage guys who more or less saved my ass. As it were. Boats didn't have a scratch, the crunch was from the rack, made it home without losing any of them, all was well, sigh of relief.

Last kayak lesson- it's your choice, how you respond to a situation that seems disastrous. As long as you can stop that little voice of doom in your head, you can recover from just about anything. No need to waste time.

Life coaching has a concept about "making things perfect". It seems like rationalization, maybe it is- but it's incredibly useful. Instead of focusing on everything that went wrong- ask yourself "what's perfect about this?". (slap yourself if you head straight to sarcasm!) Let's try it.

Barbara, what's perfect about wedging your car with 3 kayaks in a parking garage and all of the ensuing embarassment, hassle and stress? (I've downplayed how upset I was; I enjoy feeling like an idiot just about as much as I would enjoy seeing a rattlesnake nestled in my cereal bowl on my birthday, before my first cup of coffee.)

What's perfect? I have FINALLY put to rest my former "most embarassing" story and I never again have to (vividly) remember how I felt after dumping a beer down an ex-boyfriend's back. Michael P. Black. The last time I saw him. A party. 1979. On the embarassing idiot scale, that was nothing compared to this. The memory made me laugh, and I got over the boats and was able to relate the saga as a funny story much sooner than if I'd hung onto the "feeling stupid, can't believe I did that" stuff.

Just another way to help you make the choices that help you struggle less. Look for the "perfect" in the situation. Try it more than once, use it if it works for you. Have more fun.

Next time, back to business - it's September, are you on target to achieve your 2007 goals?