Monday, September 17, 2007

Make networking easier- take a buddy

The next time you have a meeting to attend, take a buddy. Think about it- you've heard about gym buddies? If you make a commitment to go with a friend, you're more likely to follow-through. Taking a buddy takes the pressure off- you can introduce each other and talk about what the other does, how great he is, the great job he does for his client. It's a whole lot easier to speak highly of someone else than to blow your own horn, especially if you have any anxiety or concerns about networking. I'm not saying you should walk into a Chamber of Commerce meeting and let the BS flow, but if you do know your buddy and believe they're great- then say so. And vice versa.

Who to go with? Attend with someone who has an interest in the group. Think about your clients, what other professionals do they deal with? CPA's are a often good choice, as are financial planners. If no one comes to mind, go with another lawyer. Anything to get you out of your office and into circulation.

Take a look at your marketing calendar- what meetings do you have scheduled? Consider taking a buddy to make the event more fun and hopefully more productive.

Meeting people is a powerful way to be out in the world where your clients can find you. Groups are a great place to meet a lot of people. If you're "stuck" or resisting those marketing opportunities, make it easier- try taking a buddy.

Don't forget the having fun part.  Good luck!