Monday, January 28, 2008

Stuck? Choose a goal, create 3 action steps, & MOVE IT!

Here we are about to close the books on January. By now, you have a good handle on your 2007 results; what would you like to change this year? (yup, this is a variation on a theme you've seen here before, check back to August, 2007)

If you're on track and moving towards your 2008 goals- great job!Stop reading now. If you're stuck,
take action and gain traction. Choose one goal. It can be a financial metric, a networking metric, a work/life balance metric. It can be getting to the gym.

Here's what you do next:
  1. Write your target goal down. Be specific; examples follow. Get to the gym 2x per week. Bill 5 additional hours a week. Update time records daily. Attend your kid's basketball practice every Thursday and Saturday.

  2. Identify 3 actions you can take to move forward. Make them small and achievable. Write them down with your goal.

  3. Calendar the action steps. Make appointments for time to get them done, put deadlines out there. Review your goal regularly. And most importantly- get started. Don't make excuses for not doing as you've planned. Begin to create the habit of following through. Don't hesitate. Don't analyze. You know you can do it. Go forth and be successful.
You're lawyers. This seems ridiculous, over-simplified, obvious, yadda yadda. True, if your law practice is returning the results you'd like, if there isn't something you know you should be doing but aren't, then this isn't going to add value. Otherwise, challenge yourself. Don't think about it one more time. Take action. If there's something you've been meaning to do- hold yourself accountable.

Better yet- get help with accountability. Forward this to a friend, share your goals and help each other move forward. Consider joining a mastermind group- there's nowhere to hide with 6 people cheering you on!

What's on your agenda is what's on my mind. If you've had trouble starting something- well, that was yesterday. Today you take control. In the future- you get what you want.