Friday, October 31, 2008

Mission: Possible!

Here's a gift for you: 

It's Ben Zander's 10 minute closing presentation at Davos, and it is inspiring. Zander wrote The Art of Possibility, which is a fantastic book about living into your possibility. Too many good ideas in there for one post. Watch the video.

Waaay back when Fast Company first came out, I loved their "Job Titles of the Future Column". Jobs like "Chief Inspiration Officer" and "Minister of Order and Reason" were a much better fit for me than "Director, Planning & Analysis" or "Senior Manager, Strategy Practice". The ideal title I came up with was something like, "Champion of the What If's, Why Not's & (the respectful) So What's." As a coach, that title fits, especially if you add a little "now let's get on with it" flavor to the mix.

What I want for you is to be open to possibility, to choose your possibility, and to get past anything that is in the way of achieving it. Simple but not easy.  Hope you love the video!