Monday, November 3, 2008

What to do when it's (truly) impossible to focus!

Tomorrow is election day. Presidential elections are always an exciting time in my family, as we don't all see eye to eye, but there's no doubt this year is different. It's not just the candidates, or the times we're in, but it's also the first election my daughter is following. She'll always remember this as her first presidential election. I'll remember it as the first year I had to be mindful of her political "upbringing". I don't want her to be a kid who just repeats what she hears at home.

At any rate, I can't seem to concentrate on much else. The calendar might as well have two big red X's over today and tomorrow. I'm about 50% productive. Finding it hard to focus on work. Scheduled coaching calls aren't a problem, but everything else- up in the air! I knew I had to do something or the time would be a complete loss. SO- here's what's been working for me today.

  1. Prioritization- I chose the few most important things for me to do today
  2. Deadlines - I put deadlines on each task, artificial, yes- but it works
  3. Support - Called a fellow coach and made a commitment to check in at 3pm with my status. He's someone I don't want on my case.
  4. Rescheduling - Made time later in the week for the work I'm not getting done today. Scheduled the work I'm bagging for today.
So far, so good. I've stopped spending time staring at my calendar and dug into the work that WILL get done today. I'm not feeling anxious every time I look at the clock.

I'm all about focus, but sometimes time management includes accepting that it's just not going to happen.  When that's the case, be realistic and at least get something done!