Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Waiting until ___? Don't.

Don't wait, that is. Think about the phrase "I know I want to ___ but I'm waiting until___." If there's something that you want or need to do, don't wait for ideal circumstances. Get into action.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've done a number of intro calls with referrals who were exploring coaching. These are mini coaching calls because it's a lot easier to have someone experience coaching than it is to explain it to them.  Something that's come out strongly and consistently is that "waiting to take action until" some event or circumstance is a waste of time and energy. I'm hearing people talk about regrets. It's what I'm feeling passionate about right now.

The most familiar analogy is health. Don't wait until Monday to start going to the gym. Polish off a bag of M&M's? Don't wait until tomorrow to start eating more healthily. The important thing is to take more steps towards your goal than away from it. To start doing the right thing once more than you stop.

You've heard this advice before. I write with the hope that someone who hears it now sees an opportunity she might have discounted. Maybe it's not exactly the right time to do something, might be a little messy, might be less efficient than if you wait- but do it anyway. Sometimes starting is the hardest part. Get it behind you. Don't set yourself up to regret time spent waiting until...

You'll see more connection to my coaching in the blog this year- last year I burned out because I was trying too hard. I was very aware of topics I wanted to make sure I covered, of giving you actionable material, of redundancy, etc. I had a bit of "coach in a box" going in my head, though I'm not sure it showed! This year, I'm not going to edit myself so much. We'll see what happens. (are you there, John Boy?)

I suppose I'm going to have to stop externalizing the interior monologue too, or, maybe not...