Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whether it's blogging or getting healthy- start one more time than you stop- you'll get there!

I finally chose to get my bad old self into the gym again today. I'm fed up with feeling heavy. Metaphorically as well as physically. I reconnected with the goal of not being a slug. Definitely not the highest quality motivation; but I'll use whatever works. Next is to connect with the more powerful goal of what I DO want. Right now, however, moving away from a bad thing is what got me unstuck.

Today, I feel committed to stick with it; a feeling that was missing before. As background, I was incredibly consistent through last November. Worked out with a trainer 2x per week & went on my own 2-3 more times a week. Then I burned out, something I'll have to watch out for in the future. I stopped going and couldn't seem to sart up again. Until today. Last night I decided that it was time.

I feel fantastic, did an hour of cardio using a play list that keeps me at a good level of energy. I need to remember this feeling; it will help me get back in again tomorrow.  Here's what else I'll use to get back on track:
  • I told the woman at the front desk I'd see her again tomorrow
  • I declared that I was back to the trainers and regulars who know me (sheepishly but with no excuses)
  • I'm making this public commitment to you
  • I'm blocking time on my calendar
  • I'm pondering a reward for sticking to it through April- a wicked good reward, at that!
  • & lastly, I'm thinking about my own coaching plan for the next months,  what is my focus, who is my coach going to be? I definitely do better with a coach on board. (go figure...)
I wish I could say that once I set a goal, I stay on track 100%.  It just ain't so. Sometimes priorities change as time gets crunched; sometimes I'm fooled into thinking it's easier to slide. Which, by the way, is never true! Sliding is a temporary relief but it doesn't pay off over time.

When it comes to change efforts, as long as you start one more time than you stop, progress will be made. If you're certain of the value of your goal, don't waste a minute wondering why it's so hard to get into gear.  Squash any thoughts about ground you might have lost or opportunities that passed you by. What matters is where you are today. Your energy belongs with your intention.

Take a moment to choose an area where you've felt stuck. Identify the first three things you need to do to change the situation. Next, either get into action immediately or make an appointment with yourself to take the first step. Create your support system. Go public.

The simple act of starting again will serve you well. Before you know it, you'll be looking back and appreciating just how far you've come! And this time, I'll bet you stay in motion longer than you ever have before.

C'mon. Ready? Set? GO!