Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do you need a "Financial Health Day"?

Ron Lieber's plan, "A Day Off to Tackle the Financial To-Do List", in Saturday's NY Times, is perfect if you've been intending to get a handle on your financial situation and/or paperwork- but keep putting it off.  Lieber likened the concept to the more familiar one of taking a "mental health day". Financial health is a definite factor in my own mental health, so I love that connection.  Worrying about finances is best addressed by spending the time to get the facts and make a financial plan.

I've written a lot about time blocking- the notion of setting aside time that you'll protect at all costs - and this is the ultimate block, a whole day! Check out Ron Lieber's online writing about financial housecleaning  and turn to your calendar to block the time to get your financial concerns out of your head and onto your schedule soon.

Health. Definitely worth the pursuit! Don't worry. Get healthy!