Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On gratitude, fish and a dog called Wanda

Our dog, Wanda, is the most grateful beast on the planet. It's incredibly easy to see how much she appreciates the least bit of time I spend with her. She's delighted with anything she gets in the way of treats and toys. Wanda's also incredibly forgiving, though that might just be the sign of a very short memory.
At any rate, it gives me great pleasure to treat her very well.  It's not very difficult and it makes me feel good.

On the other hand- our fish are never grateful. They cannot be satisfied. As a result, I don't put a lot of effort into them. I delegate dealing with them. I wouldn't mind it if they disappeared altogether. I don't need fish in my life.

Here's Wanda, with Hanna, my daughter. 
I don't have any pictures of the fish. 

That's it, I think I have just enough time left to get Wanda out in the yard for a quick game of fetch...