Friday, April 22, 2011

Freakout Friday (if you skip the freakout, the value's at the end)

It's spring and what's hatching in my email box are a million offers for:
  • Game-changing tactics
  • Complimentary trial offers
  • Free memberships
  • Recordings of calls that will "blow you away"
  • Roadmaps, blue prints, game plans
  • Secrets, exclusive secrets, never-before-revealed secrets
  • New ... "guaranteed like a guillotine"
  • Boot camps, summits, symposiums
  • Elite circles/ platinum masterminds
  • Step by step ...
  • Insider's success tips
  • No-fail strategies
  • BIG & really BIG deals
  • Millionaire this
  • 6-figure that
  • Amazing free bonuses
  • Thousands of dollars of bonuses
  • Special Spring Announcements
  • Unique opportunities
  • Free report reveals
  • Shhh! Don't tell...
  • Don't let it start without you
  • It ends tomorrow
  • In case you missed it
  • Time is running out
  • Encore offers
  • Top 3...or Top 5...or Top 10 ways to
  • Exclusive free
  • Just for my subscribers
& my favorite, because it's so personal:
  • Especially for you, Barbara
Stuff.  Lots of stuff. Reports, MP3's, calls, webinars, live events, books, e-books...

Actually, there's a lot of good information to be had.  Terrific expertise.  Authentic testimonials. I recommend some of the authors of those subject lines.

I support high-priced programs, by the way.  I have no problem being paid a lot of money for changing someone's life.  Even if it happens fast and seems too easy.  Like many of my clients, I have had a problem asking to be paid a lot of money, but that's neither here nor there! (& hopefully in my past, actually)

In my more skeptical moments, I worry that some lawyers take the courses, buy the memberships, get the brochures, etc. and feel like they're working on their practice, without actually applying what they learn to get the promised results. Taking a course won't get results. Even a great course from a hugely successful expert.

Put yourself in my shoes. My Friday Freakout is figuring out where my services fit in.  It's disconcerting to think my ideal clients are out there exposed to all this stuff.  Buying it. One person I know bought a $59,000 program, he was pleased to get it at the unbelievably discounted price of $10,000.  That's pretty interesting. I wonder if he was attracted by one of the phrases in my email box. Probably the testimonials. Don't get me wrong, if he applies what he learns, he can definitely improve his bottom line significantly.  Remember, I have no problem with high-priced programs that deliver results. I'm a little freaked out at how they're being sold.

All right, if you're still with me, thank you for indulging me here.  Perhaps you can relate my situation to your own. Let me offer you a little something of value for your time.  Here it is:
If you aren't comfortable with every possible marketing technique- you don't have to use them. Even if they work for someone else. 
Do stretch and examine your reactions and feelings about different tactics, because truly, unless you're trying to take advantage of gullible people, it isn't bad to try and get the people you can help to hire you. They need you. Make it easy for them to find you so you can help them as soon as possible.

Also valuable:
It isn't bad to charge what your results are worth. People may say no. Other people might be so excited about results they would have paid much more. Work with the people who want the results you offer. Don't worry about the others.
Sometimes you make money in one place so you can do things pro bono in a different place.  Sometimes it's so you can afford to help your kids through college or so you can take your friends to Tahiti.  There's nothing bad about being paid well.  However, bottom line- if it feels fake or phony coming from you, it likely is. You have to know you deliver the value you promise.  Doesn't mean you have to win every case, if that's your gig.  Means you have to get the best possible outcome while delivering the best possible client experience.

This was the first Freakout Friday, for new readers.  Don't judge the blog on the basis of this post. Fair warning - it probably isn't my last!

Have a great weekend, all!