Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Anti-procrastination artillery!

Newsflash!  A reader tried this and it was more of a distraction than a plus, so proceed with caution. It's in early days, perhaps it will evolve.  Back to pre-tech distraction management. Dang.

There's a new big gun in the campaign against procrastination. Obtract  is a Mac app that helps you stay focused by making it impossible to ignore the fact that you're distracted! 

You can use it privately, or, if you have co-workers or accountability partners, you can share information about your productivity or lack thereof. Got that? Other people will see how much time you're spending distracting yourself online. Recruit a partner for accountability and they'll have the facts you can't deny.  Use it privately to see the real numbers about how much time you're spending distracting yourself online and where you're doing it.

Creating games to help people solve problems and reach goals without adding stress is a tradition in coaching. Think about marketing scorecards or shifting a negative mindset by celebrating the number of rejections versus the number of sales.  Obtract creates an online game of productivity.

Here's what the designer says: "You can distract yourself, but you have to commit to it."  Instead of wondering where the day went after it's gone, you can make prioritization decisions in time to recapture momentum. Read the Fast Company article on Obtract to find out more.

If you're in on my goal of a procrastination-free week, this is a tool you might like to try!  Now.

(Windows version, please!)