Tuesday, May 17, 2011

E-newsletter on your to-do list? What'cha waiting for?

Another newsletter example for you today.  Check out Lynda Hinkle's newsletter, Legalities.  A good example of  a very easy-to-produce piece with a clear next step.  If you've been thinking a newsletter requires a lot of time and content- consider this one. 

You'll see Lynda's practice areas, firm and contact information, and a call to action.  The call is specific in terms of who

  • small businesses that have stood firm and lasted through these economically challenging times.

and why:

  • be sure you have the appropriate business structure, contracts, leases, etc. to handle economic recovery, at an affordable rate

and, drumroll here- what to do next:

  • visit our [link to site] and decide...

And, by the way- the link sends prospects to a page of packages for legal services for small businesses.  Clear options and different price points. Another time we'll think about having the prices on the packages, it's a good conversation.  I can argue pro & con, how about you?  But back to the topic.  

Eureka!  You don't have to work so hard, folks.  If  you've been thinking that it would be a lot easier to do follow-up marketing if you only had a newsletter, you're right!  It's time to take action.  Make it a project. Give it a date. Get it done. Call it Version 1.o,  if it helps get past the gremlin that's telling you it isn't good enough.  Use a template.  Work with a company that makes it simple for you. 

The imperfect newsletter you produce now is much more likely to bring you business than the perfect newsletter you've been meaning to get out.  You know what they say:  "Keep it simple, stupid."  Great advice.