Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marketing that works- from the rooftop!

One of my coaching clients has truly outdone me!  We talked about the fact that all lawyers do not have to play golf.  Talked about finding marketing ideas that are all about what you like to do- and he has wowed me.

He is a criminal lawyer  who markets to in-house counsel and other corporate executives.  His niche is high-ticket cases and he has a track record.  He's one of a few clients I work with who have realistic million-plus revenue goals.  And he's a delight.  Not arrogant.  I know you were thinking he must be arrogant, but he's not a bit.   (ahem, arrogant lawyers aren't the ones I attract, as you might imagine)

In a brilliant move, he has booked a very chic, exclusive rooftop bar reservation every single Thursday evening from now until the end of summer.  This is one of those gorgeous city venues with a great view and it's impossible to go without a reservation.   He'll be a Thursday sunset regular.  Doesn't know exactly who's going to share this bounty, but he has a plan.

I hope I get to share that table one night this summer;  I'm making travel plans!   What a lovely way to spend a summer evening.  What a great environment to build know/like and trust relationships.  An event that will keep your name top of mind for months.

Another client has just hosted a cooking class/ wine pairing party for a group of great referral sources.  No one competes with the other, so she was able to construct a powerful guest list.  This client has more of a shoe-string budget, so she had the party at her home, using a friend who is an amateur chef and resources they found with recipes and suggested pairings.

What appeals to you?  Think about what you like to do and try and market around those activities.  If you're a runner, you could create a team for a race event.   Prospects, clients and referral sources could participate as runners, or fund raisers, and certainly at your after-party celebration!  That after-party could be a week after, by the way, and it could become an annual tradition, part of your branding strategy.

None of us are going to do things we really don't like to do.  We're experts at avoiding them.   Think about it.  You create better relationships when you're sharing something you enjoy.   Being authentic.  Yes, I want you to stretch and try things outside your comfort zone, because I know that people who think they are terrible at networking can shift to a mode that works easily and well for them.  No, I'm not going to ask you to persist in trying to use strategies that you hate.  Life is short. Struggle is optional.

Is there a rooftop in your future?  Let me know what you have in mind, and maybe you'll give someone else a great marketing idea!

If your practice isn't generating the kind of work and income you want, then it's essential for you to find ways to market that work for you.  Have fun with it!