Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don't give up. Marketing actually works!

The title of a recent solosez post speaks to why I post a lot of second-hand success stories here.  It was:

Marketing actually works!

posted by Michelle Rozovics, whose firm, Rozovics Law Firm, has this terrific slogan and artwork: 

Rozovics Law Firm Mug

I think the post might have been called "Marketing actually works- sometimes not at all the way you expect it will!"   Here's what happened.

Michelle sent a holiday gift of a large mug with her slogan and a number of other gifts inside to a regular referral source. Referral source had moved. The owner of the new business at that location received and kept the mug.  Used it on a regular basis. When this person needed a lawyer, she called Michelle, telling her that the slogan was so on point she would never have called another attorney.  Rozovics was the only firm she considered. 

Niiiiiice. This fits with something a very successful attorney told me once about writing articles as a key to his success "articles have a very long life".   As did the coffee mug!

I just got off the phone with a client who is experiencing the "marketing actually works" surprise as well.  He sent a former client a request for a testimonial and a LinkedIn recommendation months ago.  He never heard back and was discouraged and frustrated.  Then, just last week, he got the testimonial, the recommendation and a sheepish note about it taking so long!

Yup. Marketing actually works.  Persistent, imperfect action will yield results.  Sometimes you see results in the same time horizon you expect them, sometimes you have to wait.  Hard to keep score, don't you think?  Give yourself points for staying in action.  It's a numbers game.

Facts silence gremlins.  Next time you think "I'm doing all this stuff, nothing is happening" - look at the facts.  Don't assume your marketing isn't working.  Don't assume someone is rejecting you.  Don't give up too early.  

You might feel like Sisyphus, but when you do, just imagine that there's a helicopter just over the top of the mountain, on its way. That friggin boulder is going to be lifted effortlessly to the summit and you're going to walk right past it on your journey. 

What's your "marketing actually works" experience?  Inspire us.

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