Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Will your ideal client stay on your website long enough to recognizeyou?

"Speak to your ideal client, use his language" is a good example of tried and true advice that can be hard for those of us who aren't copywriters to implement.  I get it-- it's just hard to do.

One of the best tips offered is to write down all the questions that people ask you, then use those to guide your marketing.  Family lawyer Dan Fiskum's website  is a great example of that, he leads with questions like:
Will you get your fair share?
Who will get the children?
What about my financial survival?
You can see how a prospect could immediately relate to that; it has strong emotional appeal.  You think: "wow, this guy really knows what I'm afraid of."  You're willing to stay on the site and find out more. You're curious; this might be the right lawyer for you. 
Another great tip is to look through your client notes.  All your client notes.  Look for common questions, language, and concerns.  Look at the thank you notes you've received.  What is it that your clients appreciate about you?  What phrases do they use?  How can you incorporate that into your marketing messages and conversations?

Sometimes it's easier to see how NOT to do something.  Try another tried and true marketing rule.  Don''t lead with talk about yourself or your firm.  Lead with your client's concerns and problems.  Once he's interested in you, he'll go find out about you and the firm on on the site's ABOUT page.  That's what it's for.

Looking at another family lawyer's site, the headline is simply Divorce and Family Lawyer, and the tag line is: 
When integrity matters.
Nope. Doesn't call out to the client.  Move on.  I looked for more good examples, but what I found was a lot of sites that list the practice area and go on to talk about the law firm.  Years of experience, how important clients are, yadda, yadda.  Here's one more family law attorney website's headline:
Experienced, communicative, supportive.
 Both of those examples could describe my coaching business, by the way.  On the other hand, don't ask me to talk to you about who will get the children!

I'm not a good copywriter.  I believe in the importance of how you talk to prospects and clients.  I'm learning more about it as I work on the next iteration of my own website.  I'll share what stands out.  The first example I gave above stands out.  Look at your own site. Maybe you'll be inspired to make it easier for your ideal clients to recognize you!

If you have great examples of websites that clearly appeal to a target client, please do share!  Food for thought is always appreciated!

Note:  Consider checking out the free newsletter and other resources at Psychotactics.  Sean d'Souza is putting out a lot of good information as well as some "fun stuff".  Block time for it, don't use it to procastinate!  Bottom line- be in imperfect action, refine going forward. Prioritize appropriately.