Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Delegate. Cloning takes too long.

Long summer.  Anyway.  My husband, Steve, was away from work for 5 weeks this summer, recovering from hip replacement. (he's fine, thanks)  His email and all system access was disabled and he was truly "off the job".  I asked him what was good about it, he said:  

I had to trust and rely on my staff. 

In the last Get Clients Now! group, one member took a bit of convincing, but agreed to try delegating one particular type of work.  She was of the "I can do it faster and better, I don't trust anyone" persuasion.  Here's her update from that week: 

I used my person to do [type of matter] and it was amazing how fast and good she was.  No mistakes at all!!  I'm in heaven.  Sending her another one.

Can you relate?  So many of you are perfectionists.  But, you know what? You can't build a successful business and maintain a happy personal life without delegating.  Of course there are as many bad stories as good ones.  It's worth it to figure out what you can do to be sure to make your delegation experience is a good one.

You have to change how you delegate, from recruiting to work assignment to feedback & evaluation, until you figure it out.  Delegation is not all art, there is a great deal of science to help you learn how to be more successful. 

No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit. ~  Andrew Carnegie

Make a commitment to figure out how to delegate.  After all, cloning takes too dang long.

Note: Get Clients Now! isn't about delegation, but the groups do cover a lot of different ground. A new one starts in September. Join us?