Monday, September 12, 2011

Good habit- stay "top of mind" in lots of different ways.

Clients will choose or refer you because they know, like, trust & REMEMBER you.  Staying in touch with former clients, warm prospects and referral sources without feeling like a nuisance can be a challenge.  At some point, it gets hard to come up with new reasons to contact. 

There are always the holidays, including signature ones that you can customize to your practice, and you can use all kinds of current events or headlines as conversation points.  What about Irene, fires in Texas and beastly weather here & there?  If you've clients or referral sources who live in areas that might be impacted, send them a note, "just thinking of you and hoping..", something along those lines. Example?  What about clients you did a closing for?  Don't forget their realtors. 

Send a "may your adventures lead to exciting discoveries" on Columbus Day, or something like "life's not so spooky now that you have a will" for Halloween.  Oh, how about a "how to survive family holidays" postcard? Everyone could use that.  All depends on your style, you can guess what mine is, a bit lame.  I know it.  However, surely you'll come up with a much better idea.  Build on it, readers!  The point is to think about what's going on and use it to make a meaningful connection with people you already know.

Has Irene or anything else going on  inspired you?  Please share.  Or, if you receive a note from someone, share that too.  Obviously, I need some new ideas here!