Monday, September 5, 2011

Laboring on Labor Day?

Me too.  I'm revising a money worksheet I've been using to focus the Get Clients Now! classes.  The gist of the money worksheet is to help you to logically (& without flinching) think through:

  • Your target revenue per year/month

  • Target revenue per client or matter, focusing on your area of practice

  • Estimated number of clients you need to close to deliver your target revenue

  • The number of prospects you need to talk to or otherwise connect with to convert one into a client

  • The total number of prospects you need to speak to in order to convert enough to reach your revenue goal

The worksheet conversation kicks off the program because all of the action we take over the 6 or 7 weeks of Get Clients Now!  is aimed at generating an adequate pool of prospects and then ensuring you have an effective conversion rate. 

Whether you take the class starting tomorrow or not- think through the money worksheet concept.  Facing facts might just kick you off on your own "get clients now" program!  The first step in this business-building journey is to name your destination.

(bet you thought this was going to be about time management, right? nope. even with time blocking, sometimes you just have to work on the holidays!)