Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great marketing advice, free, online, no email address needed!

Bet you thought I was going to offer you a white paper.  Sell you a seminar?  Nope, I'm offering you someone else's free marketing advice.  It's terrific advice and I don't think I could present it better, so let's not waste cyber storage on another report.

There is no rocket science to marketing professional services firms.*  The rocket science is in the doing.  Everything you need to know has been put out there in enough formats that there is an effective one for you.  Written, audio, video, courses, webinars, etc.

Visit  Check out their research reports, their library, their webinars.   DANG.  Lots of knowledge capital, some original, some in collaboration with other experts.  Very simple and presented extremely well.  Instructive.  Smart.  As a 5 year-old might say, I like it so much I'm in love with it. 

I leverage this terrific free material with clients, too.  Fully attributed, linking to the Hinge Marketing site.  Check out the sales closing webinar too, with another marketing wiz, Ian Altman, of Grow My Revenue!   Thank you Hinge Marketing and Ian, and many, many others- because you help me stay smart.  Is this dangerous?  Nah.  I think our target markets and what we deliver are different.  If not, I'm in the abundance crowd anyway.

If  your marketing isn't delivering the results you want to see, change it.  If you don't know what to do- research it.  If the problem isn't what to do, but actually doing it, then you need a different solution.  That's another topic. 

Let me know if you like these resources as much as I do!

* OK, there is marketing "rocket science", but most of my readers have room to create significant impact before they turn to outer space.  In fact, you can use what's commonly available to grow to the point where you can easily fund rocket science!