Thursday, March 22, 2012

Great Habit: Conduct a Mini-Q Review

As we head to the end of the quarter, here are a few questions to consider for your strategy planning agenda.  That would be the strategy session you're having, CEO to CFO, sometime next week or in early April. Depending on how the firm's been doing, it can be a difficult time to be the CEO or CFO, but it's always good to look at the facts and face the future.

  • What are you leaving behind in the first quarter?

  • What are you taking forward to serve you in the second quarter?

  • Are you on track to meet the goals you've set for 2012? If YES- what are you doing to celebrate?

  • Are there any changes you need to make to be more sure of meeting your goals?

  • Is it time to reforecast? Revise goals?  (note- this can be because you're exceeding your goals, or because you have more information now and you need to revise downward)

  • What's your "theme" or motto for the second quarter?

  • What are 3-5 KEY Q2 goals? What are your top priorities, ones that you come back to for focus and clarity?

  • If you had a coach, what would your coaching focus be for the next quarter? This can relate to action or to attitude. Need some examples?

Learn to let go of emotions that don't serve me well much faster, roll with the punches.

Become connected to my calendar, "at choice" at least 80% of the time.

Follow-through, completion of one thing before moving on to another.

Be kinder, more nurturing in my relationships.

Learn to say no.

Every month's end is an opportunity to check in with your goals, see what's happening, make course corrections. If you're doing that regularly, there won't be any surprises in your quarterly review.  If you haven't been consistent, take the opportunity now.  Check your financials and your pipeline. Look at how you've spent your time and the return you are seeing. If you don't like what you see- then understand the ways that you might change those results going forward. (And put some monthly review processes in place. You will be more successful, I promise.)

Every milestone is a place to stop and take stock. Celebrate progress, learn from missteps, and create new energy around the future. Enjoy!