Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stop dabbling in internet marketing!

Surprisingly, my intent here isn't to halt your efforts. Instead, assuming you have a target audience in mind, and a marketing strategy that includes more than just internet marketing, here is a very simple, very effective guide from Hinge Marketing that you should read. Don't be put off by the number of pages, it is shorter than it looks. (Even if you pay attention to it, you can finish it in 10-15 minutes.) Read it and use it to put your online strategy in its place. If you're just thinking about starting to blog, or sending an e-newsletter, read it so that you start with intention, a purpose in mind.

I'm pretty careful about how much material I send out- this one is worth your time. Two ways to use it. One is to get an overview of content marketing as a strategy, so that you understand all the "stuff" people are telling you that you could/should do. If that applies, read it in your R&D time block. The second way is to use the models and examples as a framework for whatever pieces of the puzzle you already have in play. For example, if you blog, then you will see how you can leverage that material to be more efficient, and you will also see how a blog post might fit and flow in the broader context of e-marketing efforts. In that case, read it in your marketing time block.

There are tips about generating content, publicizing it, and using it to gather and convert leads. If you are spending marketing time online, whether your goal is to build credentials or to get clients, this guide is valuable enough that you should give up your email to get it!

As always, it's about focus. Make sure that the time you spend on your practice delivers.