Friday, December 7, 2012

Questions for Santa: Do you ever get grumpy?

Dear Santa,

Grumpy Santa

I’ve got a question. Do you ever get grumpy? All those kids wanting and wanting and waiting and waiting for their presents? “You better not pout” really doesn’t have much clout these days. And then--- they get what they want; they break it; they tire of it; they don’t want it; they want something else? How about when they got exactly what they said they wanted, and were absolutely thrilled. Their hearts were so happy, your heart was full, and all was well. And then--- they wanted what their brother or sister or friend got instead. The kids go back to pouting, but Santa, don’t you just want to go back and do a little shouting?

I get it, you know; that’s why I’m asking. People tell me what they want all the time. It’s not easy. Usually it’s a big secret that they barely know themselves. They’re a little afraid to admit what they want, but I’m pretty good at getting past that. Finally, they “get clear” on it. They write it down. They give it color and details. They’re excited. They’re full of energy. I’m excited for them. I’m full of energy. Awaaay we go!

On Dasher, on Dancer…that’s what it feels like, ready to get’er’done! Next thing you know, they’re telling their friends and family, sharing their excitement. Asking for support. Building a plan. Doing things differently. Expecting an open-arms reception. And then--- sooner or later, someone tells them that they can’t have what they want, or it’s bad to want what they want, or that they don’t reeeally want it. They tell them that what they have is good enough.

Put the brakes on, Prancer! The sleigh is sliding backwards.

Makes me crazy grumpy. I know I’m not you, Santa, but still. How do you do it? Would you let me know when you get a chance?

Thanks for all the books, by the way, you're the absolute best!  I think they’re the reason I got into this gig. I don’t need any "stuff" at all, by the way, but the gingerbread cookies are going to be great, so stop by!

Love, Barbara,  Age—well, you know.

p.s. I think I might have more questions this month, if you have an elf that can answer, it's OK to delegate, I know you're busy, and you have other priorities! xoxo