Wednesday, January 23, 2013

51 Weeks of Pace: Got Baggage?

Frustrated lawyer

It's simple. Baggage slows you down. Tires you out. Impacts your pace.

No room for any baggage this year. Or any year.

Here are some of the weightier things you might want to unpack from that well-traveled luggage you're carrying:
  • Excuses. For yourself or ones you are making for other people. Ditch the excuses, look at the facts. Choose to live with the status quo or take action. Action with a deadline.

  • Shoulds. Convert any "should" to a "must" or a "want" connected to a real goal or leave it on the side of the road.

  • Money stuff. Enough of this conversation. You deserve to be paid well. You deserve to be paid timely. You deserve to be paid for work you do not choose to do for free. You deserve to work with people who value your services as highly as you do. You deserve not to worry about money now or for your future.

  • The need to be "ready". Face it, you are ready, right now. You are competent. If you come up against something you shouldn't be doing, you'll not do it, right? You know how to find experts to help you if you hit a road bump. At some point in your life-to-date, I'll bet you made something up as you went along. Chances are it went pretty well. Not ideal- but you did it. You are carrying too much "ready" ness. Hasta la bye-bye to that.
Four items to unpack and scatter to the wind. Move forward. Soon, they'll be completely out of sight.