Tuesday, January 8, 2013

51 Weeks of Pace: Leap!

Planning is a rapid prototyping exercise to do on a regular basis. It's not something you finish. You don't have to wait for THE PLAN, you can start DOing now. Sometimes people spend the month of January worrying about a big plan, or resolutions, or something that feels like a magically designed big picture. Don't wait until you have the perfect plan- take a bit of a leap in January!

Check out the girl in the picture. I'll bet you have a lot in common.      

Girl Jumping Into Water

  • She's wearing a life jacket. She's taken care of the biggest risk, she isn't going to drown. Like her, you likely understand the big dangers and risks out there, and you likely know how to mitigate them. Not so much to be scared of.

  • She's got help. She's not alone, there are people behind her, people who will come to her aid if she needs them. You too. (Although you probably have a lot more "stuff" around asking for help than she does- given your, umm, maturity.)

  • She has some training. You can see that because she has technique- check out those arms, that pose. She might not be entirely comfortable, but she has a sense of what to do and she's going to do it. I think you know what to do too.

  • In a minute, once she takes the plunge, she's going to feel proud and she's going to be having fun! How about you, would it be fun to feel more "in action"? What would it feel like to take control, or give it up- depending on how you look at it, and take a leap?

Bet you thought I was all about planning. But no, this January is about taking steps, asking yourself daily "what can I do to build my business today" and then making that a priority. I have all the faith in the world that you've already got some ideas for what you should be doing and aren't. You read marketing stuff, you read time management stuff, you know about goals. You've been thinking about it long enough. It's just not that scary.

This week- get over any inertia. Get into action. Because, a body in action tends to.....