Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good Habits: Use an Editorial Calendar

If writing is part of your marketing and visibility strategy, you know the struggle to produce material on a timely basis. The bottom line for blogging and social posting is that if your intention is to create business results- you are NEVER done with the writing. Consistency is important. "Once in a while" won't predictably contribute to your success.

Every business writer should have an editorial calendar. Here's a terrific resource from a terrific resource, Amy Porterfield. It's called How to Use Google Calendar to Create an Editorial Calendar. Don't let the title fool you, Amy includes ideas and tips for generating content, it's not just about the technology.

Again- you know I'm a worst offender. I'm going to use the ideas in this article and improve my own posting habits. If you want to increase your search standings, blogging is a great way to do it at the same time you serve your clients great content. Create an editorial calendar. Blog posts, newsletters, Facebook posts and even twitter broadcasting can be mapped out. Begin with your blog and newsletter. Don't get hung up on doing it perfectly, start where you are. Just start.

Hey- it's January, whatever you want to put in place monthly- start now and you'll have a perfect record in 2013!  [Subscribe to my 'newsletter' here. Please complain if it doesn't show up monthly.]