Thursday, February 21, 2013

51 Weeks of Pace: Fail Faster!

Time waits for no one. So, wherever you can crash the schedule, get things done sooner, with less elapsed time- you free time up. It's that simple. It pays to fail fast.
You know I'm all about measuring what matters. It's a fact, you will fail. (Or you'll be doing nothing, in which case you have all the time you need.) So catch it as early as you can. See what is working, determine success or failure and then take action. Learn. Add/change/delete.
Your pace will be impacted by your failures, just as it is by your successes. Cut the cycle time from trial to success or trial to failure, and you'll get more benefit from the successes and less drag from the failures.
Not getting it? Think about athletes- you've seen world champions fall or stumble, whether it's in practices or while competing. The pros absorb it and recover so fast that it seems impossible. That's what I want for you.
Again- if you are successful, you will have failures. They're a good thing because it means you're trying to be more successful. Celebrate failures. But make sure you fail as fast as you can!