Wednesday, February 13, 2013

51 Weeks of Pace: Give Up Constant Access

I love the idea of giving something up for Lent. 40 days is long enough that you can change a habit, but not too long that it's painful if you change your mind!

There's something I'd like you to give up- and because it's hard, I'll ask you to do it on a trial basis. Give up the freedom to check in constantly. Instead, decide when you'll check in, and stick to your boundaries.

Email, Facebook, Twitter- your listserves, groups- wherever you are dabbling. Give up constant access. Limit your access to specific times or specific frequencies. Consider declaring an e-free day on the weekend. Think about it. You know you've said you get a lot more done when your internet is out, why not give yourself that time intentionally? What could you do with more time?

Try it. Your pace will definitely improve if you give up constant access!