Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Change the Settings You Can & Ignore the Rest

From the Solosez listserve, subject line was "I am at my wits end with Facebook":

"I am continually receiving "Suggested Page" posted on my News Feed.  I have checked and double checked my settings and I cannot figure out how they get there.  I also received an "Upcoming Event" that has nothing to do with me.

How can I stop this.  I am about ready to quit FB; it's like a pernicious virus!"

And Darryl G. Stewart's genius response from his law offices in San Antonio, Texas:

Change the settings you can and ignore the rest.  It works similarly for life (and Solosez topics) to the extent one is willing to accept some level of dissonance rather than fight pitched battles over everything.

Focus on what is important in life.  Most of what we see every day is not the most important.

One has a choice with regard to the response to that which annoys.  My suggestion is that a thick skin and clear focus on matters of true import is better than alternatives.

Thank you, Mr. Stewart, an admirable piece of advice. Invaluable. Use it liberally!