Friday, March 1, 2013

51 Weeks of Pace: Get Out of Your Head!

You won't travel far if you're stuck in your head. This is a JOURNEY you're on! Pace is key. You have clients to serve, life to live, lots to learn and to do. 
When you change your pace, do it intentionally- as a break, a vacation, a celebration. Squelch all urges to rethinksecond guessregretwish thisif only that, and especially, fear and resist. That's the whole lizard brain story, and we know you don't want to listen to a lizard in your head.

Action starts with your thoughts.
The thoughts are part of the process, but make sure they lead to and support action. It all fits with Successfully Solo's main concept: do more of what matters and nothing that doesn't.

Get out of your head. Breathe. Keep the pace you choose, the one that takes you on the adventure of your own design.  Life is short. It's is happening right now, all around you. Be in the moment. Not in your head.

 What could you do if you stopped worrying and trusted your judgement, and moved forward faster?