Thursday, September 26, 2013

Always marketing. Never sleazy. Authentic. It works.

Here's an email that a mastermind client sent to the group. If you do what you know to do, even when it's hard- soon enough it will become a habit.

Subject: Just have to show you a sentence from an email I sent today...
I sent this to an employment attorney who was sending me a potential case...
"Speaking of -- what kind of employment law cases do you prefer to handle?  I would love to know more so I can give you quality referrals" 
SEE -- I DO listen :).  That was on a post-it which has stayed on my desk. 
FOLLOW UP -- he wants to go to lunch, so it led to more networking.  Yay!  
It takes me a while to integrate things like this, I kept the postit because I knew I would love to hear someone say it to me.  However, several times I started to say it, the words got stick in my throat, did not feel natural.  Yesterday they came out easily because of the situation, I think, and it will be easier next time as well!

Special note- the words "quality referrals", because that's where you want to drive the focus, so that when the other lawyer follows up, it's on the table for both of you to learn just what kind of referrals you each want.