Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What? Barbara Nelson Coaching and Successfully Solo. New old blog.

Was Successfully Solo. Is Barbara Nelson Coaching. Again. Last time's the charm.
Was WP, is Google Blogger.
In transition. Using a simple template. Imperfect action.

And is there a Barbara Nelson Coaching site? Nope, not yet. It's all here right now.

And is Successfully Solo coming down? Yup.

Why?  Because while everyone loved the name, me most of all- clients refer people to Barbara Nelson. And prospects look for me that way. So.

The whole point of this online presence is to help the people who need my services find me- so I can meet my "impact 40 people's lives in a significant way" goal for the year.

A gorgeous site isn't the point. A snappy name isn't the point. Well, not in my business. It's about helping lawyers to set and meet their goals as efficiently as possible.

Welcome to Barbara Nelson Coaching. The coaching and programs are fully evolved. The online presence, not so much. Glad you found me. I appreciate you.