Monday, November 4, 2013

Want to know how to handle failure? Lessons from a pro.

Heading to the end of the year, some might be afraid to analyze their results. What if you've not achieved what you set out to do? What if you are....a FAILURE?

Well, if you let it be, it is very very simple. As always- deal with the facts, learn from them and move forward. Here's something from a blog post that Hanna's soccer coach shared with her team.
As U.S. Soccer’s Technical Director and U-18 national team coach, I’m always watching and evaluating players to assess their threshold to endure failure. 
I’m looking for which players fail and yet keep going; for which players fail and can laugh at themselves; for which players fail, go away, work on it and come back better. 
If I see a player who lacks the ability to embrace fits of failure, I worry about her long-term potential in the U.S. women’s national team program....
We fail all the darn time -- we have to in order to improve. Now that I think of it, and after more than 25 years in our program, embracing failure on a daily basis is one of our secret ingredients!   - April Heinrich

In the same article, Heinrich says:
It really is that simple: You need the desire to improve, the time spent learning/growing/failing/improving, combined with feedback from a coach, and then the repetitions and perseverance toward steps of success.  
Whether it's soccer or learning how to create a business that serves you well, the "steps to success are the same."

If you aren't happy with your performance, take a look at the prescription Heinrich's shared. Are there any ingredients you're missing?