Friday, December 6, 2013

All About Action, But No Results?

Wait- it's not that same tired image of the goldfish jumping from a crowded bowl into its own unique bowl, escaping the school of common little follower fish to achieve a higher level of self-actualization...

What is going to happen to the fish, people? 
Yes. There is no rescue out of frame. The fish is a goner. 

The point? A spectacular burst of energy doesn't guarantee a good result.

Your takeaway? Think about the past year. Were there any times when you had a big burst of energy and action, but no payoff? What can you learn? Was it follow-through that failed? Was it a lack of planning or unclear goals? Maybe there was a rescue you were expecting, just out of frame? 

Sometimes the payoff is all about what you learn. December is a month of reflection. Take an honest look at where you invested in 2013 and what the return was- take an outsider's view. No judgement, no "if only". 

The good thing is that, unlike the goldfish in the image, you can use what you learn to ensure a better outcome next time. Learning forward, a key survival skill.