About Me

My name is Barbara Nelson and although I’m not a lawyer, I’ve been helping lawyers transform their practices for about nine years. I know the difference between the dreams of practicing law and the reality. My background is in business and change management, and I find that my business skills are the key advantage I bring to my attorney coaching practice.

Prior to becoming a coach, I spent over fifteen years as a business consultant and manager. I’ve navigated many of the same issues my clients face, particularly during the years I spent in a small consulting partnership.

My MBA is from from the University of Chicago, and I hold various other professional business and coaching certifications and memberships. My last position prior to jumping off the corporate ladder was as Director, Planning and Analysis, Merrill Lynch, USPC. If you want to know more about my career, be in touch. Happy to share.

The best way to get to know me is through my blog. Frankly, depending on my client load, it’s not updated on a perfect schedule, but the advice is evergreen and you’ll get a good feel for who I am, what I teach and believe..

Here’s what one of my mastermind clients wrote me,
 “Thank you very much- you are a beacon of clarity and you “call the question” in a no-nonsense, but kind way. My revenues are up 67% over last year and I feel on track and “on purpose”. The work we’ve done together in the group has changed my business and my life- I am truly grateful.” EK, Sausalito, California. 
To be honest, those are the results that I am all about. Enough said.

About Working With Me

As long as you’re willing to set goals, make commitments and take action, it’s great to work with me! I’m a no excuses coach. One of the things people say to me is “I heard you in my head, so....” Or, “I knew the group would come down on me if I did [or didn’t]….”

Clients know I will do whatever I can to help them be more successful and happy. Nothing phony or fake. Along with that, if I take a client, I believe in them. We will figure it out. All I ask is that you don’t ever expect me to read your mind; we’re in this together.
You’ll usually work with me in a group. I like group energy. Groups are smart. You’ll feel fully supported by the entire group. Groups deliver a better training environment. You’ll have one on one access, but Q&A will be done in a group.

I am optimistic. I try to see what’s working before getting caught up in what’s not. I can be blunt, though I like to call it direct. What you see is what you get with me and we don’t waste much time. “Imperfect action” is an important concept when you work with me.

I come from the abundance place. Enough clients, enough work, enough “good stuff” in the world for everyone, so let’s be proactive and not protective.

And here’s the bottom line about working with me, I am not successful unless my clients are successful. So if you make the commitment, I’ll double it.