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I believe there are plenty of lawyers that I can help have a significantly better life. If it turns out that you’re not one of them, you’ll still get some good tips without a sales pitch. If I try to push you, you’ll instinctively push back, so it makes no sense for me to “sell”. I will tell you about anything I have coming up that might be a fit.

If you don’t want to talk without seeing a price tag, I respect that. I used to be that way too. Now, I want to explore whether I can help you rather than just try to sell you a product.

My services are delivered to groups, but they are customized. In terms of fees, you might experience sticker shock, or you might think I’m undervalued-  depends on the size of the gap between where you are right now and where you’d like to be if we work together. Sound familiar? Think of how your prospects react to your pricing!

Business coaching works.  Most people give up before they start. Success is about doing, investing, trying, failing, and finally- you will succeed.  Accountability and support lock in results. If you aren’t satisfied with the results you’re seeing now, take action. Schedule a conversation.

All information is strictly confidential!