YOU are most likely an attorney, but that doesn't define you. You're determined to build a lifestyle based on choice, not sacrifice. Friends, family, and fitness are as important as finances. You're conscious of the impact you make. You're smart. You're confident that you have what it takes for success -- if you were just sure about where and how to focus.

Your practice isn’t meeting your needs and you don’t see it changing any time soon. You’re a positive person but frustrated with the current situation. The time/money/stress trade-offs aren’t working. Something has to change. It’s hard to know what to do first or next.

You’re talented, with a passion for your work. You serve your clients well and it’s not OK that you aren’t happy with your income or how you spend your time. You’re exploring options, looking for ways to be more successful sooner. You’re “ready” to commit to business goals.

You’re excited to see just how successful you can be, even though that means stepping out of your comfort zone.